It is a rare experience to leave a theatre feeling deeply impressed with high octane performances and creative skill while simultaneously feeling absolutely at sea about the content of the show you just watched. Katyń at La Mama Courthouse delivered this experiential paradox with Jim Daly and Carolyn Bock showcasing immense theatrical talent in theirContinue reading “Katyń”


Hester Joyce and Meredith Rogers play two nonagenarian women and their 60+ daughters in Marvellous, a show about the everyday lives, memories, and evolving experiences of elderly and aging women. This is a subject matter that is not often in the limelight in mainstream media depictions, and is sensitively explored and presented in this play.Continue reading “Marvellous”

Jofus and the Whale

Live shows have returned to La Mama, with Jofus and the Whale by Lily Fish (Fish and Twiner’s Bait Shop theatre company) opening at La Mama Courthouse on February 9 as part of Love Fest 2021. Inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, this show is an energetic, engaging and endearing comedy about a person andContinue reading “Jofus and the Whale”

The Winter’s Tale

Hong Kong leader Leontes has a falling out with his old friend, the Australian politician Polixenes, over suspicions of his involvement with Leontes’ wife, Hermione. Jealous and unrestrained, Leontes goes on a bridge-burning frenzy – alienating friends, deserting his newborn, and even causing the death of his innocent wife. He ends up falling into aContinue reading “The Winter’s Tale”

Hades Fading (Hades Memudar)

The world as we know it has ended, the human race is extinct. Devastation has extended beyond this world into the next: Hades, the home of the dead, is fading, along with all its residents. After all, how can stories survive without human minds for them to live in? Hades Fading is a bilingual productionContinue reading “Hades Fading (Hades Memudar)”

Clara: Sex, Love & Classical Music

Clara Wieck was raised by her father to be unlike the other girls of her time. She spent her childhood training towards one goal: not marriage, not homemaking, not child-raising, but playing the piano. She was destined for a shining musical career, for greatness. Naturally then, her rebellion was to fall in love with composerContinue reading “Clara: Sex, Love & Classical Music”

Rehearsal for Death

Rehearsal for Death is a captivating dance/physical theatre work by Rebekah Stuart and Sophie Thompson. It is an abstract work, a series of vignettes capturing various experiences of death, grief and impermanence, in the context of life, joy and the infinite loop of repeating cyclical patterns. For a work with so little text/speech, it offersContinue reading “Rehearsal for Death”