You Time

You Time is a personalized creative support program for artists and enthusiasts seeking to bridge the gap between wanting to create and actually creating.

Every artist knows that there are many barriers to creating new works, completing works in progress, or levelling up their practice. There is that dreaded sense of aloneness: a sense that I, the creator, am the only person who believes in my vision or is invested in how my project turns out. There may be a struggle around properly valuing our own ideas and creativity. We’re sometimes insecure about putting ourselves out there. Some of us live with mental health issues, or other obstacles that can hinder motivation or otherwise threaten our creative output.

You Time is a response to these very real struggles.

You Time is my commitment to being invested in your projects with you, and to journeying with you in your creative progress.

I’ve been involved with the creative process in many forms over the last 13 years – reading, writing, rehearsing, directing, producing, tech, reviewing, music composition and performance, acting, assessing funding applications, mentoring and training writers and performers, and so much more. I have created my own collection of works (live shows, music, writings, and more) and have had involved access to a wealth of works created by other artists at various stages of their careers, from amateurs to independent professionals to celebrated international artists.

Allow me to bring some of my passion and experience to your creative journey.

You Time is a call to self-love and self-care, to believe in your creative vision and receive enthusiastic support and engagement from an unbiased outsider. You Time is an invitation to take your creativity seriously, to give your ideas space to develop and find form and expression. You Time is an opportunity to stretch your creative limits, to explore what’s inside you and to share your gifts with another person, and eventually (if this is your goal), with the world.

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