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I’m passionate about working with artists and enthusiasts at any stage of their career or creative journey. I regularly facilitate creative workshops for small groups in person and online, and also offer personalized one-on-one coaching/mentoring/creative support. Email me at to discuss upcoming offerings or custom opportunities.

“It feels obvious that if you keep working on a skill you’ll get better at it, but it’s really good to come to a place where you actually do it. And you don’t just know it in your mind, but you feel it and it helps you believe it.” Link J.

Jaya has this immensely positive force, both intellectually and emotionally, and I just love working with her.” – Belinda P.

Jaya gives me a sense of belonging in a world that is otherwise very chaotic. Her understanding of the art is deep and mindblowingly abstract. It lets you find your own meaning.” – Yashu G.

“Jaya makes it easy for any level of actor to bring out their best!” – Tejesh S.

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