Rehearsal for Death

Rehearsal for Death is a captivating dance/physical theatre work by Rebekah Stuart and Sophie Thompson. It is an abstract work, a series of vignettes capturing various experiences of death, grief and impermanence, in the context of life, joy and the infinite loop of repeating cyclical patterns. For a work with so little text/speech, it offersContinue reading “Rehearsal for Death”

The Feather in the Web

Who is Kimberley, what does she need, and how will this end? Those are the questions that jump out from the start of the play, from the moment this wild, unpredictable character is introduced. They linger over the duration of the show, intensifying with every significant plot development, but by the end remain unresolved. TheContinue reading “The Feather in the Web”


The Australian Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet (directed by Glenn Elston) is an enjoyable presentation of the classic play, a pleasant outdoor theatre experience at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The long summer daylight hours perhaps keep it from reaching its full potential as an outdoor performance, especially in the opening scenes featuring the ghost of Hamlet’s fatherContinue reading “Hamlet”

War Horse

Come for the heartwarming story of a boy named Albert and his pet horse Joey, stay for a magnificent display of theatre like you’ve never seen before. War Horse is a breathtaking production that combines sophisticated engineering, aesthetic impact and theatrical performance at its purest. Set in the 1910s against the backdrop of World WarContinue reading “War Horse”


Todd Phillips’ hugely successful movie Joker has been a topic of extensive debate and controversy since its release in 2019. It has drawn attention not only for its artistic brilliance, especially Joaquin Phoenix’s flawless acting and Hildur Guðnadóttir’s haunting score, but also for its sympathetic portrayal of a character traditionally recognized as a supervillain inContinue reading “Joker”