[Take Over!] Giraru Galing Ganhagirri

Melbourne-based artist and choreographer Joel Bray, a proud Wiradjuri man, is in the process of creating a new work: Giraru Galing Ganhagirri (which translates to The Wind Will Bring The Rain in the Wiradjuri language). In this work, he uses film as a medium to explore the meditative themes of country, cycles of nature, andContinue reading “[Take Over!] Giraru Galing Ganhagirri”

[Take Over!] The Crying Room

Getting through life can be a challenge at the best of times, but 2020 has been a special nightmare. The world as we knew it has been turned upside down by the pandemic, and for many of us, these uncertain times have been an ambush of familiar and unfamiliar emotions. There’s an ever-growing need forContinue reading “[Take Over!] The Crying Room”

Unleash the Beast

You head up the stairs of The Butterfly Club, imagining that you’re about to witness the release of some sort of majestic fanged creature into an arena where it will display its power. When you get to the bar, though, you find that this “beast” is already unleashed, and is happily socializing with its audienceContinue reading “Unleash the Beast”

The Winter’s Tale

Hong Kong leader Leontes has a falling out with his old friend, the Australian politician Polixenes, over suspicions of his involvement with Leontes’ wife, Hermione. Jealous and unrestrained, Leontes goes on a bridge-burning frenzy – alienating friends, deserting his newborn, and even causing the death of his innocent wife. He ends up falling into aContinue reading “The Winter’s Tale”

Hades Fading (Hades Memudar)

The world as we know it has ended, the human race is extinct. Devastation has extended beyond this world into the next: Hades, the home of the dead, is fading, along with all its residents. After all, how can stories survive without human minds for them to live in? Hades Fading is a bilingual productionContinue reading “Hades Fading (Hades Memudar)”

Meeting Point Series: Hand to Earth

Meeting Point Series: Hand to Earth was a musical collaboration between Sunny Kim, Daniel Wilfred and Peter Knight presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Australian Art Ochestra as part of Asia TOPA 2020. The show brought together a unique selection of multicultural talent, musical styles and traditions to create an entrancing sound. Korean jazz vocalistContinue reading “Meeting Point Series: Hand to Earth”

Clara: Sex, Love & Classical Music

Clara Wieck was raised by her father to be unlike the other girls of her time. She spent her childhood training towards one goal: not marriage, not homemaking, not child-raising, but playing the piano. She was destined for a shining musical career, for greatness. Naturally then, her rebellion was to fall in love with composerContinue reading “Clara: Sex, Love & Classical Music”